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    My computer broked today, so when i get It back i enter on ts3
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    -Real name (optional):Dantas
    -Link to your ROPD or the name of your character: Professor Moriarty
    -Class and level: Sorcerer(FS) 158/40
    -Do you like WoE?yes, i do.
    -Have you done WoE with any other guild? Why did you leave?i have played woe in Too Late, Disconnect, Elite Squad. TL and DC ended and ES almost no one use TS3 no communication. And i have experience setting woe stone(WOE 2.0)
    -Why do you want to join Sinergia? Cause my friend said that i should join sinergia and play woe with they.
    -How did you get to know about Sinergia? How to not know? since i play woe here i know about this guild.
    -How often can you attend WoE? Wednesday and Saturday.
    -Do you have TeamSpeak?yes
    -How would you like to be called on TS? Dantas or Professor
    -Can you install it? already have
    -Do you have a microphone?yes, i do, i undestand spanish but dont know hot to speak(i am brazilian)
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