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Guild Regulations

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Sinergia has many benefits and positive aspects, but we ask you to be aware of certain points in order to keep a healthy environment within our guild, highlighting respect and loyalty. We thank you in advance for abiding by the regulations that are about to be mentioned:

- If you join the guild, do it with your main character; In case you want to play with an altern character within our guild, we have another one designed just for that purpose. Please don't saturate the main guild with alts.

-If you want to hunt MVPs or farm at guild dungeons, you can get invited to the main guild by talking with the leaders or sub-leaders, but be sure to withdrawn your altern character after finishing so we can keep that space free for WoE.

-As an active member of Sinergia, you're not allowed to WoE with an enemy guild because this can be seen as disrespectful towards the other members of our guild. Exceptions can be made in a case-to-case basis, but the leaders must be notified and you must get their approval; otherwise, it's taken as a reason of expulsion.

-Sinergia doesn't keep you from befriending people from other guilds, and everyone is welcomed to share with us, even in our TeamSpeak. However, topics regarding WoE will only be discussed with active members of WoE, leaving out anyone who doesn't belong to our guild and/or alliance.

-Tolerance. It's strongly advised to keep certain degree of tolerance since we have members from over 15 countries, and differences regarding interpretations, ideas, and jokes, are to be expected. The best solution we offer is having good manners, placing respect above everything.

-Patience. We are a growing guild, so we ask for patience regarding our activities; if you find yourself uncomfortable, notify it in a respectful way, just as we mentioned in the former paragraph.

ADENDUM (product from the referendum made last year)

Removing the position known as "sub-leader" and implement, through designation (made by the founder leaders), people to perform as "colaborators".

Their position will have limited authority within the guild, and they'll carry out key tasks* in order to support and sustain the former.

*Check the attached task list:


Purpose: Recruiting players from any cultural and linguistic background who share Sinergia's principles, get involved with our guild's events, and have fun playing RO with us.

Proposed actions: Create an active guild for new recruits and accept the new players. It's important to share a word with the players before allowing their entrance in order to know more about them and making sure they share our guild's principles.

-Carrying out sanctions depending on the seriousness of the matter

Verbal disrespect towards the other members of the guild: One week suspension at the "Punishment room" in TeamSpeak, denying access to other channels and the guild's facilitations (except the "War of Emperium" channel during WoE). As a side note, recurring verbal disrespect calls for accumulative sanctions, multiplying by two the period of the sanction.

Any kind of theft: Permanent suspension, non-negotiable.

Doing WoE with another guild: Access denial to God Items and the guild's facilitations for one month. This sanction is accumulative; the time will be multiplied by two each time such disrespectful action is detected.

Disrespect towards event organization: This implies the involvement of the guild leaders, and they can choose to kick the disrespectful member out of the event, keep him/her out of (some/all of) future events for a certain time span, and even deny their access to the guild's facilities.

Respect will be taken care of by the founder leaders of the guild and the colaborators designated by them.

Disrespectful actions include:


-Verbal abuse.

-Defiance towards given orders during events.

-Playing with an enemy guild without previous approval from the leaders.

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