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If you want to be part of our guild, being present at TeamSpeak is very important. TS is a very useful tool to communicate during WoE and daily events.

  • This is our TeamSpeak server:

  • This is the download link:


Are you having trouble using TeamSpeak?

1.- After downloading and installing the program, you should run TeamSpeak as an admin (necessary to be able to speak while playing for most people) and click "Connections", then "Connect".


2.- After clicking "Connect" a new window should appear; there, you'll have to input some information:


And now you're connected.


Configuring your microphone

1.- Go to "Settings" and then "Options".


2.- A new window should appear. Go to "Capture" and then choose "Push to talk". Click the button right beside it (the rectangle), select any key (by pressing it), click "Apply" and now you're ready.



I hope you find this information useful /ok If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We'll be around to help.

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